Events in Megeve

Every autumn: the farming competition of the Abondance race

Who are these sovereign young cows of the mountains around Megève? The cows and heifers of the Abundance Race, of course! And they are marching in front of you for a beauty contest, every year in the fall. You really have to see that!

The Little Princes of Autumn

In October, the Town Hall of Megève suggests an animation with many activities for the children (workshop on wood, construction of hut, makeup, pottery, ice skating ...), during two weeks at the village square.

Lighting up of the pine tree

There is no need to talk about the reputation of the pine tree of Megève ! For more than 50 years, as tradition would have it, a majestic pine tree stands at the village square, giving both the start of the season and the Christmas festivities. A magic moment not to be missed.

New year’s Eve party

A unique moment to spend with family at the village square, after having followed the torches from the slopes of Jaillet and Calvaire. Festivities, dancing, and mulled wine offered by the Town Hall.

Megève International Curling Tournament

Did you say curling? These round stones with handle, weighing 20 kg, launched on the ice at full speed? In January, Megève hosts the international tournament of this discipline which became Olympic since 1998, and receives more than 40 teams from around the world.

Polo Masters of Megève

Unusual event worn since its origin by a passionate about polo, a unique opportunity to see polo on snow! In January.

International Jazz Festival in Megève

This festival, organized collectively by the Municipality of Megève and the Society of the Baths of Sea, suggests an exceptional programming, with the most brilliant jazz artists.

MB Race Culture Bike

Velocipedists, at your handlebars! In July, the most difficult mountain bike race in the world takes place in Megève.

Summer Festival of Genève

An annual exploration of the chamber music list, making the talented young artists and diverse backgrounds themselves heard.

The International Jumping Edmond de Rothschild

6 days during the summer, the heart of the megevans beat at the pace of the hooves of more than 500 horses, gathered for this international show jumping competition. 350 riders from over 20 different nationalities, free access, friendly and free, this equestrian atmosphere attracts more than 25,000 visitors each year.

The feast of the old crafts of Megève

The month of August is not outdone! The feast of old crafts is a unique opportunity to dive into the authentic Megève, and discover the customs and traditions of yesteryear thanks to the old crafts that come to life, for a day, in the alleys of the village.

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